Cork Pavements

Cork Pavements


In addition to being flexible, cork is highly resistant and resilient. Even after being crushed under a huge pressure, it will regain 90% of its original size in 24 hours. That's one of the reasons that make cork a great choice for pavements. Due to its core organic structure, cork consists largely of empty space filled by irregularly shaped and spaced microscopic cells — its density is one-fourth that of water and thats precisely this low density that makes cork useful in products like life preservers and buoys.


However, each cubic centimeter of cork has about 40 million of those tiny cells that work together as a huge number of layers of microscopic bubble wrap, making it an extremely effective cushioning material. That's also that large amount of air space between the cells that makes cork an extreme effective insulation material for both temperature and noise. When used in pavements, cork gives a permanent sensation of comfort to the places.


Furthermore, it has the advantage of beeing fire retardant, because flames will only char the surface and no toxic fumes are generated. Cork is also well-known as a secure option for flooring just because cutting the surface of cork turns many of the microscopic cells inside it into tiny suction cups, creating an effective non-slip surface. Cork also absorbs neither dust nor moisture and it resists both to rot and insects.


Specialized Solid Flooring Solutions


ZandurFromcork has a partnership with Zandur for specialized solid flooring solutions that assure excellent acoustical performance, comfort under foot and superior slip resistance. Please check their website for more information about cork pavement products and discover their new patterns along with traditional designs.


Specialized Solid Flooring Solutions

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