Yoga Accessories

Yoga Accessories


Cork is a very strong sustainable material and its natural texture provides traction. Even under the pressure of a body weight, a small brick won't distort nor will slip, which could cause damage to toes or floors. Anyone that practices yoga knows that an yoga block needs to have much more than just rounded edges and corners to provide an easier hand grip and additional comfort. First of all, needs to be a secure groundwork for yoga exercises: it needs to support the yogi weight and absolutely needs not to slip during the movements.


These requirements are precisely the point where a block made of high quality cork makes all the difference. Cork has a firmness that is not found in foam blocks, allowing the practitioner of yoga to feel totally comfortable and secure in the support it provides. Furtermore, yoga is an activity where the blocks and mats also need to be designed to support routine repeatedly movements and exercises — like backbends, for instance — and standing or sitting poses. And besides beeing a renewable material, cork is also a long-lasting product.


Superior Comfort and Quality


That's why cork became a favourite material for the practice of yoga during the last years, surpassing even traditional bamboo blocks. Its natural resilient solid structure and easy-to-grip textured surface set a new standard for high performance yoga props. Fromcork produces and suplies yoga accessories that meet the most demanding criteria and are recognized by their construction quality: our yoga products are naturally higienic, stable, comfortable, durable and there are no toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing process. And they are really easy to clean too. Usualy it is enough to wipe them with a damp cloth, but if needed an organic cleaning solution with no harsh chemicals can be used.


Like in many other areas, there has also been in the yoga industry an innovative trend of cork applications to create new products during the last years. And at Fromcork we are doing that too and ready to perform the design of any piece you need. Just let us know what you want. We are committed to empower your ideias and bring you the solution.


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For over 10 years, Fromcork has been a valuable business partner. I attest their high levels of quality, reliability and full compliance with deadlines. Brilliant professionals and a pleasure to work with.

Muoi Sheow, Argon Masking Corporation

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