Bicycles Handles

Bicycles Handles


Natural cork handles are becoming more and more a favourite gear for those that love riding bicycles. For mountain biking — the sport of riding bicycles specially designed to go off-road, often over rough terrain, a sport that rocketed in popularity over the last decade — there is an obvious need to incorporate features in the bike to enhance control, durability and performance. To achieve that goal, cork grips present several advantages without match: they absorb shock, support great pressure, don't get slippery and can be easily shaped to fit the riders hands.


But cork bicycles handles characteristics have also other benefits that make them a smart choice for the regular city biker: they are very comfortable and very fast drying. Cork durable cushioning and anti-bacterial properties make it the perfect material for every kind of bike grips and the best natural and hygienic alternative to plastic and silicone handles. Furthermore, it is a long-lasting eco-friendly material and its is unexpensive too.


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