Golf Grips Handles

Golf Grips Handles


As a high quality natural substance, cork is a great choice for golf grip handles and amongst the players that take the sport seriously it is a favourite material. Because it's at the same time light-weight, resistant, has a pleasant texture and presents a whole lot of advantages when compared to other materials. Cork handles do not slip, do not hurt the hand — even when submitted to great pressure — and stay dry all the time, helping the golf player to not sweat of his hands.


Due to its natural unique characteristics, like impermeability, elasticity and softness to the touch, when used in golf grip handles cork works as a natural skin protector. Experts usually say that a new set of grips is the fastest, most inexpensive way to bring a noticeable change to your game as long as the handles are made from natural cork. Fromcork golf handles are produced using only selected high-quality natural cork and we also make golf balls using compressed cork inside, as a core stuff, with the required stiffness and density for a high-performance use.


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For over 10 years, Fromcork has been a valuable business partner. I attest their high levels of quality, reliability and full compliance with deadlines. Brilliant professionals and a pleasure to work with.

Muoi Sheow, Argon Masking Corporation

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