Fishing Poles Handles

Fishing Poles Handles


Since ancient times, cork has been a favourite material in fishing activities. Fromcork fishing poles handles are made from glued cork rings of the finest quality. In the production work everything is done using natural products and cork's own resin, pressed and stabilized for a period of time. After that, the patterns/molds are made through prepared equipment, which will totally respect measures and fully customized format, carefully valuing the request of each client. The final result is a high quality, strong, light-weight and long lasting product.


During the manufacturing process, the remaining waste and cork dust arising from mold are properly stored and handled automatically, to be used later for other purposes, namely for the production of granulates. When dealing with cork nothing is wasted. The recycling culture is always present in our activity. Cork is a truly environmentally friendly material and a very rich product for the most varied applications.


Why Cork for Handles/Grips?


Cork is a extremely comfortable material for those who need to use grips. Its benefits are very well recognized by all those that are familiarized with it: it is dense but very light-weight, the hands don't slip and it ensures that the pressure of the hands and fingers on the cork handle doesn't hurt nor creates other undesirable problems which other products cannot guarantee.


Furthermore, cork is naturally hygienic and anti-bacterial, by being able to be always easily cleaned. It gives a permanent sensation of control and comfort throughout the practice.


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For over 10 years, Fromcork has been a valuable business partner. I attest their high levels of quality, reliability and full compliance with deadlines. Brilliant professionals and a pleasure to work with.

Muoi Sheow, Argon Masking Corporation

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