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Founded in 1997, Fromcork is a Portuguese Company that incorporates in its organization more than 26 years of experience exporting processed cork all over the world.


Have a deep knowledge of the Portuguese market, allow us to have always a value creation proposition for our customers.


Fromcork customers are spread throughout USA and Canada, Europe, Far East (India, Pakistan, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia) and Latin America (Argentina, Chile and El Salvador).


Fromcork is prepared to supply specialized custom-made orders for all kinds of cork products anywhere in the world and is permanently searching for new products and new markets.


Our Mission


Portugal has nearly 34% of the total area of cork forests worldwide and its share in terms of annual production reaches almost 50% of the global market.


As a direct outcome of our national heritage, being part of the world biggest cork producer, Fromcork strives to respond to new challenges and aims to meet the needs of its customers in an optimal manner.


If the client can think of a specific application of cork to create a new product, we will find the solution. We take care of getting the best materials and choosing the appropriate suppliers. For several products we deliver already finished items to our customers under their own specifications and designs.


We offer:


  • Versatility > We produce what you want
  • Comprehensive Market Knowledge > We know where the best cork spots are
  • Careful Selection > Rigorous process in selecting the final product
  • Senior Packaging > We guarantee a packaging that protects orders from eventual damages
  • Deadlines > Strict compliance with deadlines
  • Global Rules > Strict compliance with international rules of tolerance


In recent years there has been an innovative trend in using cork to create numerous new articles. Today we can even see the application of cork in fashion items — such as bags, shoes, furniture and homeware — and also in specific tools for leading technology industries (NASA, for example, is also using cork in their spaceships crafting process). Cork is recognized as an environmentally friendly material and is being explored nowadays in more and more applications. It's not only suitable for wine corks, insulation or acoustic purposes anymore.


Today, Fromcork is known as a company specialized in providing custom-made articles to various economic activities, including specific stoppers — as capsuled stoppers for pharmaceutical companies, for example —, and articles specially designed for some industries, like the fishing industry, including both sports and competition fishing.


Catarina Matos AlvesCatarina Matos Alves

Managing Partner


Catarina Matos Alves started its business activity in Cortiças Liscor, a company founded by her father, who also was dedicated to the production and export of cork. Being Portugal the largest cork producer in the world and given the growing demand for this material, she decided to focus her career in the cork export area and in 1997 created her own company.


Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

For over 10 years, Fromcork has been a valuable business partner. I attest their high levels of quality, reliability and full compliance with deadlines. Brilliant professionals and a pleasure to work with.

Muoi Sheow, Argon Masking Corporation

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